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Dé L'ieau-D' Vie Sus Des Preunelles

Sloe Gin
Dé L'ieau-D' Vie Sus Des Preunelles

Sloes are small egg-shaped berries which ripen to a deep purple in September. Picking them, though, has its hazards, as the bushes are extremely thorny. Sloe bushes form part of the hedgerows round the north and west coasts of the island and one good spot for picking their fruit is behind the de la Mare reservoir in St Ouen.

Image of Sloe Gin<br>Dé L

1 lb sloes, picked over, washed and dried
1 lb sugar
1 bottle cheap proprietary gin


Place the dry sloes in a large open-necked screw-top glass jar. Add the sugar, then the gin. Cover the jar and seal tightly, then invert a couple of times to mix. Place in dark cupboard and leave for at least 3 months. During the first month shake the jar to mix once a week, after that occasionally. After three months the liquid is ready to strain off and decant.

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