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Sweet, Still Mead 1


6 lb. heather honey
Mead yeast
1 gallon water


Prepare the yeasted honey-water mixture by either method (a) or (b) below and pour into a clean jar or cask, keeping any surplus in a small bottle for topping up later on. Stand the container in a warm room and soon froth will begin to form as fermentation starts. Add more honey-water from the bottle to keep the container full and when froth ceases to form, clean the outside of the jar or cask and insert an air lock. When fermentation finally ceases, remove the jar or cask to a cold room and keep it there for two to three weeks. Syphon off the mead with a clean rubber tube without disturbing the yeast deposit. Pour the mead into a clean jar or cask until it is full. Insert a cork and carefully wax over the top with paraffin- or bees-wax. Store for six months and again. Syphon off the liquid, bottle, cork, wire and store the bottles on their sides in a cellar for at least another six months.

(a) boil the water in an aluminium or enamelled pan and allow to cool to 120°F. (i.e. just too warm to hold the hand in comfortably). Add the honey, previously warmed to the same temperature, and stir until dissolved. Cool and add the mead yeast culture; or

(b) heat the mixture of honey and water in an aluminium or enamelled pan until it dissolves and just bring to the boil. Cool it and filter through clean flannel or a jelly bag until it is clear. When cool add the culture of mead yeast.

It is not necessary or desirable to boil the honey water for lengthy periods.

Store at least two or three years in bottle before sampling.

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